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Important announcement

Due to a tragic combination of circumstances we have had to
cease operation of BizzOnWeb on the 25th of June 2013.
Like for many other companies in the Internet branch (and others branches)
the main reasons for this are down to the worsened economic tide and the price battle that unleashed.
Regretfully it seems that a company such as BizzOnWeb is and was is no longer a viable option.
We will contact all existing clients, with the the insolvency lawyer(s) approval, and
offer to help them to move to a new providers and situations, all within the
possibilities and time-frame we’re giving of-course, if they so desire.
We would sincerely like to thank all clients for the cooperation in the past years.
We regret that, for now, we have to have to bid you a kind farewell and good luck
with you business and private lives.
With kind regards,
The whole BizzOnWeb Team

P.S. Please use to get in touch with us if you are a client.